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Aura-Soma ® Colour Therapy

Aura-Soma Bottles

Aura-Soma is a self-selective, non intrusive system, reflecting the soul through the language of colour and light which is chosen from the heart centre where all is well.

This unique Soul Therapy and Colour Healing system was created in 1984 by Vicky Wall, a British Chiropodist and Pharmacist.

Colour plus Light. The oldest vibrational energy healing method in the world.

The word Aura refers to the electro-magnetic field surrounding every person. This word comes from the Latin. It means 'akin to air, a slight breath, vapour, a shimmer'.

Soma is the Old Greek word for 'body'. It is also a word from the Indian Sanskrit language and designates a mysterious drink that transports the soul into a divine ecstasy.

The combination of the two words Aura and Soma sets up a specific vibration in a similar way to a carefully chosen first name of a person. This is said to reveal something about his or her nature.

The photograph illustrates just a few of the Aura-Soma choices available. The combination bottles are known as Equilibrium Balance.

Ancient Wisdom

Physical, emotional and spiritual illnesses were treated with colour and light in legendary Atlantis. The Egyptian city of Heliopolis built healing temples infused with colour and light through their structures.

Indian healer Dimshah Ghadiali writes that illness originates from the lack of, or over-abundance of specific colours in the body. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said that one day his 'theory of colour' would be more meaningful to humankind than his poetry.

Equilibrium Balance Bottles

Equilibrium Balance Bottles are the central principle within the Aura-Soma Colour Healing system. They present a delightful way in which your health can benefit from Energy Medicine.

Each bottle is filled with the natural living energies of colour, herbal extracts, essential oils, gems and crystals. The contents of these bottles relate primarily to the physical body.

Aura-Soma Bottles

The two colours within each bottle shake together to make a third colour. The top fraction of each is a base of oil with colour, crystal energies and essential oils. The bottom fraction is a base of water with colour, crystal energies and plant extracts. When both layers are shaken together they are rubbed into the skin and penetrate to the semi-permeable membranes. They move further into the lymph system and from there into the bloodstream and finally into the organs of the body.

Aura-Soma has a balancing effect on all the glands of the body and on the total hormonal system. The Aura-Soma oils mysteriously unfold their beneficial and healing effects precisely in the right places.

Awakening ...

Amber Pendant

When you awaken within yourself the understanding of light and colour you will unlock the door to your true self. 'Understanding' winds its way not only through the pathways of the brain, but is present in your whole body, in your emotions, and in your intuition.

The ingredients of Aura-Soma are 'Living energies'. These energies dynamically change as you work with them, reflecting the changes occurring within you. Aura-Soma assists in opening the door to the transformation of consciousness, revitalising and restoring the body on all levels.

Equilibrium Balance creates a wealth of self knowledge, soul healing and colour healing.
Allow yourself to evolve with this gentle support.